Cultivating young donors – Young adults will make grants

GREENSBORO — The Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro hopes to enlist 25-to-45-year-olds as donors.

Through its new Foundation Future Fund Initiative, the foundation aims to cultivate young donors and teach them about philanthropy and community issues by involving them in the actual work of making grants.

“Typically, this generation is always involved in raising money for a specific nonprofit,” says H. Walker Sanders, the foundation’s president. “This is allowing them to see a broader community picture in giving money away, helping them understand what foundations look for when they’re awarding grants to nonprofits.”

Contributions by young donors will be pooled to boost grantmaking from the fund. Sanders hopes the fund will make annual grants totaling $25,000.

Initially, the foundation will seek grants from other donors to match funds contributed by young donors. Over the next four to five years, Sanders says, contributions by young donors should build an endowment large enough to generate $25,000 a year in income that will be used to make grants.

Individuals can participate in the fund with a contribution of $125 or more, and couples can participate with a contribution of $250 or more. Participation will be renewable annually.

The new fund will make annual grants for community projects, and donors will be involved in defining the focus areas and recipients of grants. The foundation will hold periodic meetings for participants to learn about grantmaking and community issues.

Greensboro professionals Jim and Louise Brady are chairs of the fund’s steering committee. A social event will be held this spring, as will educational sessions for participants. The first grants will be made this fall.

For information, call Karen Brown at 336-379-9100.

— Todd Cohen

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