Super advocate – Animal group enlists Superman

WASHINGTON  — The Doris Day Animal Foundation has joined with DC Comics to put Superman into a comic book that aims to promote respect for animals.

The comic book, “Superman for the Animals,” is being sold in comic book stores packaged at no extra charge with other adventure comics. The comics are aimed at readers ages 8 to 12.

“We use many resources to teach important messages about the humane treatment of animals,” Doris Day says in a news release. “This time, we thought we would take a big leap and enlist Superman’s help.”

Day says studies show a correlation between cruelty to animals and abuse to humans.

“This project is not only important to stopping violence to animals, but to all living things,” she says.

The plot focuses on a boy who is unsure how to handle peer pressure from classmates who harm animals. Following Superman’s heroic example, the boy stops his classmates from continuing their inhumane actions.

The comic also includes an essay and coloring contest for children ages 8 to 12. The grand prize winner will be featured along with his or her pet in a future comic book.

The Doris Day Foundation, formed in 1998, seeks to find creative solutions to animal-related problems, including pet overpopulation by sponsoring Spay Day USA.

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