Scientology royalties – Travolta movie to benefit church

NEW YORK – A percentage of the sales of a John Travolta doll and other toys based on his newest sci-fi movie will go to the Church of Scientology, whose founder imagined the characters and wrote the book that has been turned into a movie, Daily Variety reports.

The epic, “Battlefield Earth,” is due out this summer.

Trendmasters, the company responsible for the merchandise, says the toys could earn as much as $50 million in sales, the entertainment newspaper reports.

The merchandising agreement automatically includes Author Services, which exclusively handles the works of L. Ron Hubbard, the late writer and Scientology founder. No one would provide details on the portion that will go to Church of Scientology.

Travolta, who has long support Scientology, made an appearance at a recent toy fair to promote the merchandise but did not speak to the press about such toys as Strike Jets, Psychoblasters and Thunder Battletanks. One toy, the villain Terl, uses voices snippets from Travolta’s role, including such lines as “Exterminate all man animals at will” and “Ratbastard.”

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