Nonprofit job engine – Sector thrives in Maryland

Maryland nonprofits created jobs at a faster pace in the 1990s than did businesses, and government should support policies to strengthen philanthropy, a statewide nonprofit membership group says.

The Maryland Association of Nonprofit Organizations released a study that found nonprofits in the state employ more than 195,000 residents, or roughly one of 12 workers in the state, U.S. Newswire reports.

That represents 8 percent of total state employment.

Nonprofits account for 25 percent of all net new jobs, says the study, which was conducted by Lester Salamon, a researcher at the Center for Civil Society Studies at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.

The study also finds that nonprofit employment grew 30 percent in the past decade, compared to 6.7 percent for businesses and 7 percent in government.

What’s more, the study says, nonprofits face increasing competition from for-profit companies in fields traditionally considered nonprofit fields, such as social services, education and health care.

The Maryland nonprofit association has called for state lawmakers and Gov. Parris Glendening to support philanthropic initiatives, U.S. Newswire says.

Those initiatives include:

* A tax deduction on charitable contributions for residents who do not itemize.

* A tax credit for supporters of endowment and capital campaigns.

* A public awareness campaign to promote volunteering and charitable giving.

* Training and technical assistance similar to that offered to small businesses.

* Ongoing documentation of the impact of the state’s charities.

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