Online fundraising – Interactive software tracks donors

PALO ALTO, Calif. — An Internet company that helps nonprofits raise money online has teamed up with a technology firm that works with nonprofits to offer software that aims to help nonprofits track and communicate online with donors., based in Palo Alto, and Social Ecology, based in Seattle, say the new system, DonorLink IT, automates donor data and integrates it into nonprofits’ email fundraising and communications.

The software, designed by Social Ecology, will be available this spring, with special offers to nonprofits that are part of’s network. launched its Web site in October. The e-philanthropy side features information about online giving and offers options for donors to contribute to nonprofits.

The firm is headed by Peter Mountanos, formerly of Softbank Technology Ventures and Microsoft.

Social Ecology offers tech solutions to nonprofits. The firm is headed by Michael Gilbert, publisher of Nonprofit Online News and director of the Gilbert Center, an incubator for nonprofit Internet projects.

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