Charitable fashion – Fundraiser to cut and sell Princess Diana’s dress

A U.S. businessman who paid $36,800 for an evening gown worn by the late Diana, Princess of Wales, plans to cut the gown into four million pieces and sell them to raise $1 million for charity, Reuters reports.

Michael Lam, chairman of The Great American Doll Co. of the United States, says the proceeds will benefit children in Third World countries.

“The value of that dress could be…US$100,” he told Reuters.

That sum could buy measles inoculations for more than 500 million children, Reuters says.

Lam bought the strapless pale-blue sheath evening gown in 1997 to promote his dolls. He bought the gown at an auction two weeks before Diana died in a Paris car crash.

The pieces, about two square millimeters, will go for $25 each. Orders can be made on the Internet at

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