Plugging education – GE adds $10M to college fund

General Electric’s philanthropic foundation is providing an additional $10 million to its College Bound program, making it one of the largest corporate educational funds. 

College Bound was started by the GE Fund in 1989 as a 10-year, $20 million initiative to double the number of students who attend college from high schools near GE facilities. 

With the $10 million increase, College Bound will expand partnerships with public schools and strengthen its infrastructure.

To date, 20 schools in 18 communities have teamed up with College Bound, receiving grants ranging from $250,000 to $1 million for comprehensive school improvement. 

Schools that participate in the program have increased college attendance rates significantly.

Southern High School in Durham, N.C., which has received more than $1 million from College Bound since 1994, has seen college attendance rates for its students increase from 44 percent to 79 percent in 4 years.

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