Christian Coalition fights IRS – Group claims agency discriminates

The Christian Coalition has filed a lawsuit against the Internal Revenue Service, claiming the organization was unfairly denied tax-exempt status because of its conservative politics, the Associated Press reports.

The lawsuit charges that the IRS discriminated against the coalition because of its conservative viewpoint.

The granting of tax-exempt status to groups such as the Planned Parenthood Action Fund and The Democratic Leadership Council that was cited as evidence of bias, the AP reports.

Last year, the IRS concluded that activities of the Christian Coalition such as distributing voter guides at churches were too partisan for the group to qualify as a tax-exempt organization. 

The lawsuit argues that coalition activities are nonpartisan, educational, and promote social welfare.

Attorney General Janet Reno and U.S. Attorney Helen Fahey of Alexandria are among the defendants listed in the lawsuit.

The coalition, founded by religious broadcaster and one-time presidential hopeful Pat Robertson, was effective at mobilizing conservative voters in the 1990’s.

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