Tuned to survival – CDs target cancer patients

A British cancer charity has launched a CD campaign to educate cancer patients in Great Britain, which has one of the worst survival rates for cancer in Europe.

“Dealing with Lung Cancer” is the first of several compact discs the Cancer Research Campaign will provide free to cancer patients and their families.

The discs are designed to help patients to ask doctors the right questions and take more control of their treatment.

The five-year survival rate for lung cancer is 7 percent in Britain, compared to 14 percent in France.

Gordon McVie, director general of the campaign, blames poor survival rates on a shortage of specialists, unacceptable levels of care and inadequate health care spending.

Because of the shortage of cancer specialists in Britain, patients often are treated by doctors who have a limited and negative understanding of treatment options, the group says.

“Much of the evidence supporting chemotherapy – including prolonged survival and better quality of life – has emerged since these physicians left medical school,” McVie says.

This year, the British government announced it will spend an additional $162 million to improve cancer care over three years.

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