Ivy League online – Free Web university in works

Software billionaire Michael Saylor, chief executive of MicroStrategy, wants to make an “Ivy League” education available to anyone by building a free online university – and he’s donating $100 million to the cause, the Associated Press reports.

Saylor’s plan  – which lacks a staff, curriculum, and budget –  calls for the world’s “geniuses and leaders”  to lecture on videotape at a studio he plans to build in the Washington Area, AP says.

“Done right, this will impact the lives of millions of people forever,” Saylor told the Washington Post. “Done wrong, it’s just noise in a can.”

Saylor – whose net worth is $13 billion — considers his $100 million donation to his personal foundation a downpayment on his plan to build the world’s first free nonprofit university online.

He said he hopes other philanthropists will join the effort, but he’s prepared to fund the plan alone if necessary.

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