Millionaire dreams – Sweepstakes hopefuls surveyed

Americans claim that charitable giving would be a top priority if they won $1 million, according to a poll of 1,000 millionaire hopefuls surveyed by Win A Fortune Sweepstakes.

When asked the top three ways they would spend a quick million, 48 percent of respondents said they would contribute to a church or a charity.

Respondents ranked charity third in priority — after good investments and debt clearance.

Sixty-three percent of respondents said they would invest their windfall, and half of respondents said they would use the money to pay off their debts.

Twenty-five percent of respondents said they would buy luxury items, while 15 percent said they would go on shopping sprees.

When asked whom they would spend the most on if they won $1 million, 68 percent said they would spend more on their immediate family than on themselves.

When asked who would receive the second largest chunk of their wealth, most respondents cited charitable causes – before themselves, extended family, or friends.

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