Schools eye business – District, Web firm cut deal

The board of the Denver Public Schools has cut a deal with an Internet portal that school officials say could help the district raise up to $1 million a year through shared revenues.

The deal gives the portal – – the exclusive right to be placed in every classroom, lab and school library in the district., a Denver-based company that raises money for schools and nonprofits, evenly divides all revenues with member schools and nonprofits. 

The school district will generate revenue every time a supporter views its Web site or conducts an Internet search using

“Districts are becoming more resourceful and establishing business partnerships that benefit students, teachers, parents and others,” says Craig Cook, the school district’s chief operating officer. has established a classroom version of its portal that eliminates features like shopping or email. Only ads that the school districts considers appropriate for school-age children will be posted.

“In an environment where schools are increasingly challenged to have sufficient resources, a portal like is an innovative way to generate revenue,” Cook says.

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