NEH makes the ask – Agency turns to fundraising

Having seen its federally backed budget chopped to $110 million from $180 million in recent years, the National Endowment for the Humanities has launched the quiet phase of a major push to raise money fro foundations, the Washington Post reports.

Private foundations and other nonprofits have contributed enough for the agency to spend $1 million to help create 10 major centers at colleges and universities throughout the U.S. for the regional study of humanities, the Post says.

Funders include the Ford Foundation, Freedom Forum and Rockefeller Foundation. Each of 20 schools – two per region – will receive $50,000 to develop plans for a regional center.

One institution per region then will be selected as the regional site and each will receive $5 million.

Of the total $50 million startup cost, NEH hopes to raise $30 million from foundations and the remainder from Congress, the Post says.

Each institution then would have to raise $3 privately for every dollar it receives in the startup. That would mean each center would have a $20 million endowment, with $2 million in taxpayer funds and $18 million in private funds.

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