$17M for health – UN Foundation makes grants

The United Nations Foundation, established to oversee the administration of Ted Turner’s $1 billion gift, has announced a new round of grants totaling over $17 million to support 11 UN projects throughout the world.

Women’s health projects, including programs to prevent HIV/AIDS, were a top funding priority for the foundation’s sixth round of grants.

“We are particularly proud of the strong package of projects aimed at reducing the incidence and impact of HIV/AIDS in Southern Africa,” says Tim Wirth, the foundation’s president.

The foundation will spend more than $6 million to help fight the spread of HIV/AIDS in Southern Africa.

These efforts follow the foundation board’s November 1999 visit to Southern Africa, where it witnessed the impact of the HIV/AIDS crisis first-hand.

The foundation also will spend $3 million to improve the lives of adolescent girls in Bangladesh, and $1 million to support flood relief efforts in Mozambique.

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