Notices for 3-30-00

  • Parteek Singla, a 10 year old from Greenville, NC, presented United Cerebal Palsy of NC with a check for $1001. Parteek raised the money by single-handedly sponsoring a raffle for a pair of American Airlines tickets.
  • SuperFest, a Super Bowl Sunday fundraiser for the eastern chapter of United Cerebal Palsy of NC, in Greenville, NC raised $67,000.
  • South Coast Repertory, Irvine, CA, received $10,000 from AirTouch Communications Foundation. The grant will support the West Coast premiere of Broadway hit, “Amy’s View”.
  • Shell Oil Company and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Houston, TX, have jointly awarded $1.2 million this year to various Gulf Coast marine and wildlife conservation groups as part of the Shell Marine Habitat Program. Since the program’s creation, $7.2 million has been awarded.
  • Target Stores, based in Minneapolis, MN, has donated more than $5.6 million to K-12 schools nationwide with funds generated by the Target School Fundraising Program. Funds may be used for anything the receiving school needs. Currently, more than 104,000 schools are enrolled in the program.
  • Reading is Fundamental and Best Buy Co. have marked the second year of Best Buy’s three year, $300,000 sponsorship of RIF programs. Last year, the partnership provided almost 38,000 books to 3,000 children enrolled at RIF sites nationwide.
  • Natural Resources Conservation Society, Davis, CA has awarded $600,000 to 29 nonprofit groups serving 40 counties in California. Funds will support conservation projects, research and outreach.
  • First-ever International Conference on Rural Aging, Charleston Civic Center, June 7-11. Hosted by West VA University in collaboration with United Nations, World Health Org. Gerraldine Ferraro, Hugh Downs, to speak–Kofi Annan, Sec. General of UN invited. Call 304-293-0628.

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