Unadorned fundraising – Women bare all for charity

Members of the British Women’s Institute — whose reputation for flower-arranging, baking and Christian good works was shattered when they created a nude calendar for charity this year – are baring all once more for charity, Reuters reports.

The group of middle-aged British ladies, who had jokingly promised to strip to cheer up a member’s terminally ill husband, made good on their promise after his death, raising almost $500,000 for leukemia research by selling 90,000 nude calendars.

Requests for the calendars poured in from Alaska, Canada, Hong Kong and Australia, Reuters says.

Angela Baker, who was featured on the calendar after her husband died of leukemia, said, “John would have been absolutely amazed by all this, but very proud.”

In addition to receiving an offer from Hollywood to make a film of their experience, the ladies were deluged with requests to strip again. 

They resisted until the Anglo-Dutch company Unilever persuaded them to strip to advertise Surf detergent and donate proceeds to their favorite charities.

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