$13M for family planning – New grants focus on teenagers

The David and Lucile Packard Foundation has announced more than $13 million in new grants as part of its five-year, $375 million effort to support voluntary family planning programs in developing countries.

Of more than one billion teenagers who will enter their reproductive years in 2000, the majority live in developing countries where access to reproductive health care is limited or nonexistent.

The funds will support projects like the Boy Scouts and Girl Guides in India, which will train young people to become peer educators who in turn will reach at least 22,500 adolescents throughout the country.

A similar project – Teen Healthquarters – provides Filipino adolescents with counseling services, education and primary health care that includes comprehensive reproductive health services.

Packard’s population program is focused in eight developing countries:  Ethiopia, Myanmar, Sudan, Mexico, Pakistan, Philippines, India, and Nigeria.

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