Suharto skips hearing – Fails to attend for second time

Indonesia’s former president Suharto failed to appear for questioning in connection with a corruption scandal on Thursday, triggering a mass demonstration near his home that brokek up only when the police fired tear gas, the Associated Press reports.

This is the second time that Suharto has refused a summons to face questioning.

The former president is under investigation for allegedly misusing funds belonging to several charities, as well as allegedly funnelling billions of dollars to several insolvent banks.

Fifty protestors broke into the grounds of the state prosecutor’s office to demand that Suharto be tried on Thursday, AP says.

Later in the day, more than 200 demonstrators threw stones at riot police in the streets surrounding Suharto’s house.

Several students were injured and scores were arrested.

Suharto’s family and lawyers claim that he is too sick to be questioned.  He attended one of his granddaughter’s weddings on Tuesday, where he appeared healthy, walked unaided and was seen chatting with guests.

A new summons has been issued asking Suharto to appear on Monday. If he does not, prosecutors will question him at his home.

Under Indonesian law, Suharto can be forcibly brought in for questioning only after the third summons.

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