Charity in Seattle – Tracking impact of new wealth

National Public Radio explored the effects of new wealth in Seattle – a city that is home to 10,000 millionaires, more than any other community in the U.S., the Seattle Times reports.

Seattle was featured in a three-day series as an “excellent illustration of what happens when so much money comes into a city,” NPR spokeswoman Jessamyn Sarmiento told the Times.

Young high-tech philanthropists like Jeff Reifman were featured in the story.

Reifman is a 29-year-old who cashed out his Microsoft stock options to open several Seattle-area businesses that devote profits to charity.

Listeners who heard about inspired young philanthropists also heard about those who are excluded from the economic boom – such as an elementary-school teacher who rearranges desks in his classroom to protect students from falling ceiling tiles, The Times reports.

The three-day series is part of “The Changing Face of America” – an 18-month NPR project to explore how various groups are weathering the today’s social and cultural changes.

Austin – another high-tech mecca — will be featured on the show this month.

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