Clintons, Gores disclose giving – Bush to release data today

President Clinton and First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton gave $39,200 to charity last year, while Vice President Gore and his wife, Tipper Gore, gave $15,000, The New York Times reports.

Details on charitable giving by the Clintons and Gores are included in their 1999 tax returns.

Gov. George W. Bush of Texas, the Republican who likely will face Democrat Gore in the November presidential election, planned to release a synopsis of his federal income tax return today and expects to release a finished tax return in the fall, a spokesman told the Times.

The Clintons paid $92,104, or 22.1 percent, in federal taxes on their income of $416,039. 

The couple paid more in federal taxes than the law requires, because they took the royalties from Mrs. Clinton’s book, “It Takes a Village,” as income and then gave away the after-tax value.

If they had given ownership of the book directly to a donor-advised or donor-directed fund at a community foundation, that tax money would have gone to charity. 

Since 1996, the Clintons have paid $109,000 to the federal government that could have gone to charity causes. The money went to income and self-employment taxes which will increase Mrs. Clinton’s Social Security income when she turns 65 by 3 percent.

Mrs. Clinton gave the copyright of her second book, “Dear Socks, Dear Buddy,” to the National Parks Foundation in 1998, which means that all of the book’s royalties go untaxed directly to the foundation.

Of the total charitable contributions by the Clintons, $17,358 were the after-tax royalties of Mrs. Clinton’s first book, $12,000 came from a “pin money” fund for first ladies and $9,842 came out of their pockets.

Since 1996, the Clintons have given $937,358 to children’s and health charities.

The Gores paid $59,178, or 24.5 percent, in federal taxes on their reported income of $240,930.

Areas in which they made charitable contributions included illnesses, religious organizations and educational institutions.

In 1998 the Gores gave $15,197 to charity, but in 1997 they gave just $353, less than two-tenths of one percent of their income, prompting intense criticism.

In 1996 the couple gave away $35,530, all but $530 of it royalties from a book.





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