UCLA raises $1.2B – School aims for $400M more

The University of California, Los Angeles has raised $1.2 billion in private donations in two years — reaching its fundraising goal more than two years ahead of schedule, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Campus leaders have decided to increase the goal by another $400 million to support interdisciplinary studies in biology, medicine and computers, the Times said.

The additional funds also would be used to build partnerships with local arts programs and public schools. 

Launched in 1997, the $1.2 billion campaign was the most ambitious ever attempted by a public university, Chancellor Albert Carnesale told the Times. 

Much of the money was received in large donations – including $45 million to build a neuroscience and genetics center; $30 million from Henry Samueli, a UCLA professor who became a high-tech entrepreneur; and $25 million gift from Hollywood mogul Michael Ovitz.

Thirty-seven individuals donated $5 million each to the campaign. 

Half of the donations will be used to support the medical sciences, and a large sum will help rebuild the UCLA Medical Center, which was damaged by the Northridge earthquake. 

The rest of the money will enhance the university’s endowment, support construction projects, raise faculty salaries and support individual students. 

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