Merger hurts charity – Southern California feels impact

The recent takeover by BP Amoco of Atlantic Richfield Co. is likely to damage philanthropy and community involvement in Southern California, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Arco has been an outstanding organizer and contributor, and BP is not expected to provide the same kind of local leadership, the Times says.

The decline in philanthropic leadership is particularly unfortunate in the face of a report by the California Community Foundation showing that volunteering and charitable giving fell sharply in Los Angeles last year, falling well bellow both state and national averages.

BP Amoco has promised to continue Arco’s philanthropy efforts, but without Lodwrick Cook, Arco’s highly visible and involved chairman, it will be more difficult to have a strong local presence.

“We have to come up with new ways to raise money and foster community activities,” says civic activist David Abel, publisher of the Metro Investment Report.

When a local corporation becomes a branch of a bigger corporation, he says, local causes almost always suffer.



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