NIke chief just won’t do it – Alum already has given $30M

Nike Chairman Phil Knight has withdrawn his $30 million pledge to the University of Oregon after the school decided to join an organization that protests factory conditions abroad, The New York Times reports. 

Knight, who has given $30 million to his alma mater over the past decade, was riled when the university joined the Workers Rights Consortium, a student-backed monitoring group, the Times says. 

Randy Newnham, a university senior and coordinator of the Survival Center, questioned Mr. Knight’s decision.

"He keeps claiming his company is socially responsible and they don’t use sweatshop labor,” Newnham said. “If that’s the case, why is he so upset that we joined this monitoring group?" 

Nike repeatedly is targeted by labor rights groups that hope to pressure the industry leader to reform so other companies will follow suit.

Last month, Nike ended its agreement to supply hockey teams at Brown University after Brown joined the same consortium. Oregon officials said they hoped to convince Knight to reconsider his decision, the Times says. 

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