Digital politics – Focus on presidential race

To increase participation in the campaign for the American presidency, the Markle Foundation is teaming up with a broad range of Internet sites to revive a pioneering Web initiative devoted to politics.

The new site, Web White & Blue 2000, aims to help voters, the news media and others find out about the presidential candidates and their campaigns and debates.

The site also will examine the impact of the Web on politics.

The initiative “represents the belief – shared by the Markle Foundation and its collaborators in this project – that emerging information technologies can fundamentally enhance the electoral process,” Markle President Zoe Baird, said in prepared statement.

The foundation supported a similar collaborative effort, known as Web White & Blue, in the 1998 election.

The new site will include campaign content provided by each partner in the project, as well as content provided by each campaign to supplement what candidates say in televised debates.

What’s more, the site will include moderated forums and will summarize election coverage published elsewhere on the In ternet.

Advisers to the project include Mike McCurry, a Democrat and former White House press secretary, and Doug Bailey, a Republican and founder of the nonprofit Freedom and the political newsletter, The Hotline.

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