Funding mother nature – Conservation plan unveiled

The most ambitious environmental effort funded by private foundations to date will be unveiled next month in Washington state, the Seattle Times reports.

The Cascade Conservation Partnership – a coalition of Washington conservation groups — aims to buy thousands of acres of privately owned land to establish a wildlife corridor between the Cascades and protected parklands around Mount Rainier, the Times says.

Congress will be challenged to match or surpass funds raised through private sources, the Times says.

Foundations have become the heart of the environmental movement in the United States since the first Earth Day in 1970, the Seattle Times reports.

Media mogul Ted Turner, for example, has spent millions airing a series of television spots to raise public awareness of global warming – Earth Day’s key focus — and pressuring presidential candidates to address the issue.

Private foundations have also poured funds into local conservation causes and have created environmental groups to run campaigns. In the northwest and in New England, foundations have driven campaigns to buy up and preserve forest areas.

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