Inspiring art – Portrait Gallery receives $2M

A government employee has pledged $2 million to the National Portrait Gallery in Washington to establish a program he hopes will inspire people to participate in the political process, the Washington Post reports.

Paul Peck’s $2 million gift, the largest individual contribution in the Portrait Gallery’s 32-year history, will establish a program about American presidents, the Post reports.

Peck expressed admiration for the politicians he had seen in action, saying “their efforts start early in the morning and continue night after night… they care.”

President Clinton is among the politicians Peck has met. Four years ago, Peck bid $76,000 at a Sidwell Friends charity auction to play golf with the president at the Army Navy Country Club, the Post reports.

Peck acknowledges that his fortune does not come from his government paycheck. His wealth comes from moonlighting as an information technology consultant, a real estate entrepreneur and an investor, he told the Post.

Peck, who contacted the Gallery independently over a year ago, declined to provide personal details to the Post.

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