Stanford’s start-up – School launches web for-profit

Stanford University launched its first for-profit Web venture – an online medical search engine, the Wall Street Journal reports.

The company, E-Skolar, Inc., allows physicians to perform simultaneous information searches across multiple databases. The company is a spin-off of a service developed at the medical school that has proven popular with Stanford doctors, the Journal reports.

Company officials say the site’s greatest assets are quality and speed. “If you go to other sites, you can’t tell the wheat from the chaff. Consumer information is mixed in and it’s a nightmare for doctors,” says Phyllis Gardner, the medical school’s senior associate dean for education and student affairs.

The service, which will not include advertising, will be available to hospitals and medical groups for a $240 annual subscription fee, the Journal reports.

The university has invested $3 million so far to develop the site and will hold 60 percent equity in the company, the Journal says.

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