FBI tracks funds – $750,000 reported stolen

The FBI is investing charges that someone stole $750,000 in nonprofit revenues raised during Millennium March on Washington, the Washington Post reports.

Organizers of the annual event – one of the largest gay pride events in the U.S. — say they have not received any of the money promised by Millennium Productions, a private company that agreed to turn over 65 percent of revenue from the festival.

Millennium Productions signed a contract to provide a series of for-profit events, food and souvenirs during the celebration. In return, they planned to pay a percentage of proceeds to planners of the march, the Post said.

Jose Ucles, director of Millennium Productions, says he and his business partners were victimized by someone who stole up to $750,000 from the company. “It had to be someone who knew us, and that is the sad part,” he told the Post.

Uncles and his staff, who say they counted and recounted tickets in an effort to determine how much money was missing, are planning to send letters to vendors explaining why they cannot be paid.

Event organizers approached the FBI after they realized they couldn’t hope to repay the money they borrowed from companies to stage the event, the Post says.

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