Activist says in jail – Stole from own charity

A South African Appeals court upheld anti-apartheid activist Allan Boesak’s convictions for stealing money from his own charity and aid money donated by singer Paul Simon, the Associated Press reports.

The court dismissed one of Boesak’s four fraud convictions, however, and reduced his jail sentence from six to three years.

In the 1980s, Boesak was a top official with the African National Congress and travelled the world to highlight apartheid’s injustice.

He is also the former head of the World Alliance of Reformed Churches.

Last year, Boesak was found guilty of stealing $400,000 from foreign donors, Simon among them, to his Foundation for Peace and Justice charity.

Boesak argued that some Simon’s donation was meant as a personal gift for him, while his lawyers said the activist had been punished enough by the collapse of his religious and political careers.

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