Stalling survivors – $4 billion fund mired in controversy

More than five months after California Insurance Commissioner Chuck Quackenbush announced a $4.2 million humanitarian fund would be established for Holocaust survivors, the project has stalled due to ongoing controversy, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Quackenbush announced last December that three Dutch insurance companies had agreed to contribute to the fund. The companies – Aegis, ING and Fortis – say they expected to make payments immediately but were never asked for the money, the L.A. Times says.

The companies have said they are prepared to provide the funds as soon as a proper distribution vehicle is established.

Quackenbush issued a formal statement saying none of the $4.2 million has been spent. He added that the Holocaust fund had been delayed due to an ongoing controversy over agreements he made with earthquake insurers.

Richard Mahan, a spokesman for a Holocaust survivor advocacy group, said the groundwork has been laid to set up a foundation to distribute the money to needy survivors.

“This project has been stalled while we search for solutions to political controversies,” Mahan told the Times.

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