South Carolina windfall – $2M boosts three S.C. counties

The Springs and Close foundations will give more than $2 million dollars to various South Carolina agencies and schools, mostly in York, Cheshire and Lancashire counties, the Rock Hill, S.C., Herald reports.

The foundations’ boards approved donations from a list of more than 60 applications during a recent meeting.

The largest donations include $200,000 to Winthrop University for the Close Scholars Program and $250,000 to the University of South Carolina for the just-dedicated James Bradley Arts and Sciences Building. In addition, $250,000 has been awarded to the Chester county YMCA towards the construction of the county’s first public indoor swimming pool, $150,000 to Safe Passage for a new domestic violence shelter, and $100,000 to the state’s First Steps program.

A $67,000 grant will allow the Regional AIDS Interfaith Network to create 10 to 16 more congregation-based AIDS care teams and serve 500 more people affected by AIDS.

A $50,000 matching grant will help pay for the three-story, $13 million EdVenture, a new hands-on learning center under construction in Columbia. Other grants include $50,000 for a new baseball field in Rock Hill and $40,000 for a community complex in Lancaster County.

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