Sierra Club critic quits – Policies, elitism blamed

One of the environmental movement’s most respected leaders has resigned from the board of the Sierra Club, claiming the organization is failing to achieve its mission, Reuters reports.

“The world is burning and all I hear from them is the music of violins,” David Brower said in an article in the San Francisco Chronicle. “The planet is being trashed, but the board has no real sense of urgency,” he added.

Brower, 87, joined the group in 1933 and served as its first executive director in the 1950’s and 1960’s. After being removed from the position due to his combative views and fiscal policies, he founded Friends of the Earth and the League of Conservation Voters.

Brower said he quit the board to protest club support for government proposals related to the California Sierra, which the group was originally founded to protect.

Brower also criticized the Sierra Club for not taking a stronger position against immigration, saying overpopulation posed perhaps the biggest environmental threat.

He also claimed that the board, which meets in closed session, had strayed too far from its populist roots.

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