Victoria’s $3M secret – Webcast boosts AIDS research

Victoria’s Secret drew an audience of 2 million computer users worldwide to its live Webcast for charity, raising $3 million for Aids research even though it neglected to include an online donation link, Reuters reports.

The webcast, which tech experts said cost $10 million to produce, was “the most watched Webcast in history, and the most expensive fashion show in history,” said Ed Razek, chief marketing officer for Intimate Brands.

Last year, only about one in 50 potential viewers could see the Victoria’s Secret webcast due to overloaded servers. This year, transmission was more efficient due to better Internet service providers and more widely available high-speed Internet access.

Some viewers complained of choppy images and slow loading times. “The girls looked like ants. Very well-dressed ants, but ants nonetheless,” said David Smith, corporate bond broker at Garban-Intercapital in New York.

Even though the show was a charity event, there was no link to enable viewers to donate online. The $3 million, raised by the show and the accompanying dinner, will benefit the American Foundation for Aids research, Reuters reports.

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