Wired conservation – Protecting wilderness online

The Nature Conservancy of Canada will partner with a Web site that has enables Internet users to donate wilderness areas online free of charge.

EcologyFund allows site visitors to donate 333 square feet of wild land per day at no cost. Expenses are paid by site sponsors, including Working Assets, Novica and CharityMall.

In the last three months alone, EcologyFund has preserved almost 1000 acres of land through online donations.

“Our partnership with EcologyFund provides a way for everyone to participate in land conservation as a part of everyday life,” says John Lounds, Executive Director of the Conservancy.

The Conservancy is currently aims to protect land in three areas — southern Alberta, southern Ontario and southeastern Manitoba – through outright purchases, donation and conservation agreements.

Since it began in 1962, the Conservancy has protected over 1.6 million acres of land.

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