Booster chief quits – Police probe continues

The director of the North Carolina Museum of History Associates announced her retirement Friday as police conducted a financial investigation, the Raleigh News & Observer reports.

Eve R. Williamson’s decision to retire is unrelated to the investigation, Betsy Carr, the new president of the Associates, said in a prepared statement.

“Indeed, it was Eve’s diligence and that of her staff that uncovered the bookkeeping irregularities to begin with,” Carr said.

Williamson said in a news release she is leaving the 15,000-member foundation to spend more time with her family.

Williamson has been executive director of the Museum of History Associates for 22 years. In recent months, questions have arisen over how she spent the foundation’s money.

For example, The Associates paid for a $7,500 painting of Williamson’s family that was displayed at the family’s beach home and paid for most of the lease on a Lexus luxury car. The Associates also paid for Christmas cards that did not mention the museum and for three $500 wedding presents from Williamson to staffers, the N&O reports.

The Associates’ conflict-of-interest policy says no staff, board or family member should benefit from the group’s donations and spending.

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