Singing music’s praise – Music aids learning, study finds.

Three in four U.S. adults think states should require daily music education in schools, according to a study released by music education advocates campaigning to increase funding, the Associated Press reports.

Because music lessons help children learn, they deserve as much time in a school day as math or science, music education advocates said.

Studies show rising music education support. A 1997 poll found 69 percent of respondents said school music activities produce better grades and test scores; this year, 81 percent believed music helped children achieve.

While forty states have official learning standards for music, only four – Kentucky, Oklahoma, New Jersey and Washington – test students on music knowledge, AP reports.

In a speech before Congress last Wednesday, Education Secretary Richard Riley supported increased music education funding.

“There is a saying: ‘A child goes to school as a question mark and comes out as a period,’” Riley said. “Thanks to the work of people here today, we may have a new saying:

‘A child goes into school as a scale in C major and comes out as a symphony.’”

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