Scouting scandal – Troop inflation charged

A 30-year salaried executive in Texas for Boy Scouts of America has admitted he signed bogus troop rosters for years, claiming he acted under orders from his supervisors, the Dallas Morning News reports.

Raymond Montgomery, who has been suspended amid allegations of membership inflation, claimed his supervisor William Gamble, a 25-year Circle Ten Scout executive, directed him to include phony troops in membership rolls.

Current and past employees who spoke with investigators say the alleged inflated rosters involved minority neighborhoods and were used to keep millions of dollars of donations flowing from individuals and groups, including the United Way.

Mr. Montgomery, who declined to be interviewed at length, oversaw Scouting in some of southern Dallas County’s poorest neighborhoods.

Attorney Bill Alexander, who represents Mr. Montgomery, said his client is being used as a scapegoat for wrongdoing by his supervisors.

“He can’t write a check, can’t buy anything, can’t make a move without their approval,” Mr. Alexander said.

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