Wanted: Nonprofit jobs – Mission trumps money for grads

This year’s graduates are more likely to trade high salaries for socially meaningful work – confounding recruiters on college campuses, the Washington Post reports.

“The new ‘millennial students’ on college campuses are much different than Generation Xers in terms of job expectations, need for flex and social time, and a desire for immediate rewards and feedback,” said Lee Svete, director of the career center at the University of Notre Dame.

Unlike those that came before them, today’s graduates query potential employers about schedule flexibility, work culture, and corporate social consciousness, the Post reports.

Several recent studies show that recent grads are less materialistic than their predecessors. According to Jobtrak.com, an online career service, more than 80 percent of college students surveyed in February said corporate values are an important factor in job choices.

A separate study conducted by the Radcliffe Public Policy Institute found that more than 80 percent of men and women in their 20s said a flexible work schedule that allows them to spend time with family is more important than money or prestige.

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