High-tech Hawaii – Islands test education technology

Thanks to the generosity of a former Honolulu resident, Hawaiian schools will receive advanced interactive teaching technology over the next few months, the Honolulu Business Journal reported on May 29.

Annie Chan, who left Honolulu to become a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, has picked Hawaii as the testing ground for new educational technology she is developing. The technology allows a standard television to be hooked up to the Web and to display educational software on DVD, the Business Journal reports.

The Ohana Foundation, which is distributing the technology, has solicited ongoing feedback from Hawaii teachers to refine the product.

By December, the foundation will have provided equipment to about 250 teachers statewide. All Hawaii schools will be invited to participate.

In the second phase of the project, starting 2001, selected students and teachers will be given complete systems to take home to facilitate e-mail interaction among students, parents and teachers.

Chan says the entire cost of the project is covered by the foundation. She hopes to eventually roll out the program nationwide, using the Hawaii facility as a production base.

For a full text of the article, see the Honolulu Business Journal.

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