Internet boosts jobs – Only 2 percent of workforce

Nearly 2.5 million Americans depend directly on the Internet economy for their jobs – up 36 percent from last year, according to a recent study.

The study commissioned by Cisco Systems Inc. found that the numbers of those employed by the Internet economy is growing fast. Still, less than two percent of employed U.S. workers depend on the Internet for their paychecks, Reuters reports.

The study, conducted by the Center for Research in Electronic Commerce at the University of Texas at Austin, showed the Internet is having a broad impact on the work force.

“It is important to point out that the Internet economy is not just a collection of high-tech companies,” said the report. “It includes any company that generates revenue from the Internet.”

The biggest area of growth in Internet-related employment was among people who make and service the Web’s basic infrastructure – the fiber backbones, software and Internet Service providers, for example.

The study also found that companies selling physical goods online increased their revenue by nearly 40 percent last year without adding employees.

Data for the study was collected in 2,600 telephone interviews and 345 in-depth interviews, as well as direct tracking on the Internet, Reuters reports.

For a full text of the article, please go to Reuters.

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