Clinton aide leaving – Focus on public participation

A top White House adviser is going to work for the Markle Foundation to focus on the impact of digital technology on global decision-making, Reuters reported June 9.

Jim Steinberg, deputy national security advisor, will resign his post on August 1 to become a senior adviser at Markle.

Steinberg has worked for the Clinton administration for the last seven years in the State Department and as an assistant to National Security Advisor Sandy Berger.

Steinberg was particularly active in the peace effort in Northern Ireland.

Steinberg will work with Markle’s Policy for a Networked Society Program to address the shifts in global decision-making being brought about by developments in communications technology.

The program’s mission is to enhance public participation and protect democratic values, individual liberties, universal access and consumer interests.

For full text, go to Reuters or the PRNewswire.

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