$6M for library – Estate demanded $200M

The Nixon Library will receive $6 million when the government compensates the Nixon estate for thousands of tapes and papers confiscated when Nixon resigned in 1974, the Associate Press reported on June 12.

The Justice Department has agreed to compensate the estate $18 million – a fraction of what the estate sought, but far more than the government offered to pay.

At one point, Nixon’s estate had sought $35 million plus 25 years of interest, bringing the request to more than $200 million.

In a lengthy Washington court battle, government lawyers argued that no more than 2.2 million should be paid.

John Taylor, director of the privately run Richard Nixon Library and birthplace in California, called the settlement “a fair and equitable compromise.” The library is the primary beneficiary of the settlement.

In a statement, the Nixon estate estimated that the Nixon family will receive only $90,000 from the settlement. The law firm that represented the estate will receive more than $7 million.

For a full text of the article, go to the Associated Press.

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