Ted tough on tech – Scolds leaders on charity

CNN tycoon Ted Turner surprised entrepreneurs at a Silicon Valley luncheon by criticizing the meager charitable efforts of the high-tech industry, the San Francisco Chronicle reported on June 10.

Speaking to the Entrepreneurs’ Foundation, a group that is trying to spread philanthropy in the Bay area, Turner spoke sarcastically about the attitude of high-tech leaders that they are contributing enough to their communities by creating jobs.

Turner ridiculed the recent push to close the digital divide, pointing out that half the world lacks electricity.

“How about giving people a computer with a hand-crank generator? That will help bridge the digital divide,” Turner said.

Referring to the portion of his $1 billion annual United Nations contribution that supports nuclear disarmament, Turner said, “Let’s rid the world of nuclear weapons before they obliterate the digital divide and people on both sides of it.”

For a full text of the article, go to the San Francisco Chronicle.

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