Black charity – Blacks give generously, study finds.

Blacks, especially those with high incomes, give generously to charity with little thought of tax breaks, according to a preliminary report on black giving by the New England Conference on Black Philanthropy.

Black donors give more to churches than any institution and prefer to support programs for families and children, education and social justice.

The top two reasons for donating were being personally asked to give by someone the donor knew well, and having volunteered at the organization.

The report suggests some changes in fundraising tactics for black organizations. First, donors need to be educated about the benefits of starting a trust fund, family foundation or donor-advised fund.

Second, small organizations need more training on how to solicit and cultivate donors. These groups currently rely mostly on foundation, corporate and government funds rather than individual donors.

Finally, community groups should focus more on building an annual campaign than on gala events.

The report is based on two surveys, one of donors and one of charitable organizations, Third Sector New England.

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