Lost marbles – British took Acropolis statues

A British doctor will attempt a long-distance swim between two Aegean Sea islands to campaign for the return of marble sculptures from London to Athens, the Associated Press reported on June 13.

For decades, Greece has been seeking the repatriation of 17 marble figures and part of a frieze that once adorned the 2,500-year-old Parthenon. The artifacts have been housed in London’s British Museum since Britain’s ambassador to the Ottoman empire removed them from the Acropolis in the 19th century.

British pathologist Christopher Stockdale will attempt to swim 26 miles from the island of Delos, one of ancient Greece’s holiest sites, to the resort island of Paros.

Stockdale’s objective is to raise money to construct a new Acropolis Museum in Athens to house the marbles if they are ever returned.

Stockdale has swum marathon distances across the English Channel and around Manhattan island in New York for various causes.

For full text of the article, go to the Associated Press.

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