Genius grants – 25 innovators chosen

The MacArthur Foundation has announced 25 recipients of “genius grants,” designed to free recipients to pursue their goals without worrying about money, Reuters reported on June 13.

An architect in rural Alabama, an innovative dance choregrapher, and a photographer of African genocide were among the recipients of the five-year grants of up to $500,000 each.

“Considered from different perspectives, these fellows are mining history, creating from raw materials, redefining motion, illuminating responsibility, defending the environment and challenging boundaries,” said Daniel Socolow, program director.

Other recipients included leaders of civil rights groups, conservationists, and a scientist who studies how the brain adapts to learning.

The foundation uses several hundred people as anonymous nominators for the fellowships, and a selection committee chooses between 20 and 40 recipients each year. A total of 588 fellows between the ages of 18 and 82 have been chosen since 1981.

For full text of the article, go to Reuters.

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