Potbellied charity – Sanctuary hosts 150 pigs

A woman in Arizona has started her own nonprofit sanctuary for abandoned pigs, the New York Times reported on June 19.

Lynette Warren raised $15,000 in donations last year to feed more than 150 pigs currently living at Pigs A Lot sanctuary.

Warren carefully screens adoptive owners for the pigs and checks on them afterward. Unless they are adopted, the pigs will live at the sanctuary for the rest of their lives.

“I won’t adopt out the big ones because more than likely the people want to put them in their freezer,” she said.

Potbellied pigs – a popular pet in the late 1980s for their temperament and intelligence – are primarily the residents of the sanctuary. Many of these pigs were abandoned by their owners when they became too big to be household pets.

With grain costs reaching $900 per month, Warren depends on donations from several grocery stores and grain stores.

For a full text of the article, go to the New York Times.

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