Rock for India – Concert boosts teen training

A benefit concert in San Francisco united some of India’s top musicians to support youth projects in rural India, the San Francisco Chronicle reported on June 16.

Two of the world’s most famous Indian musicians donated their time to raise funds for the 5H Program, a pilot program that educates rural youth to become community leaders.

Four hundred people in India between the ages of 20 and 30 have already completed the program. Health, hygiene, homes, harmony in diversity and human values are the core components of the training.

Each individual who completes the program must conduct trainings in at least 10 villages. The goal of the project is to train enough leaders in three years to touch the lives of 10 million to 14 million young people in India.

Silicon Valley volunteers have built Web sites, raised funds and mentored individual young people in India to support the program. Many envision expanding the program to train young adults in U.S. inner cities.

For full text of the article, go to the San Francisco Chronicle.

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