Pacifica criticized – Illegal actions alleged

The Pacifica Foundation may have violated the rules of its tax exemption when it locked out employees of Berkeley’s KPFA-FM last year, according to a report from a California legislative committee, the San Francisco Chronicle reported June 17.

The Joint Legislative Audit Committee’s report concluded that Pacifica mismanaged the station and may have broken state laws for nonprofits.

The committee condemned Pacifica for locking out its employees even though its union contract with the Communications Workers of America has a no-lockout provision. The report also criticized Pacifica’s efforts to reduce the power of local advisory boards that gave community supporters a strong say in running the station.

The committee did not recommend legal action. Attorney General Bill Lockyer’s office will examine the report to “determine if appropriate action should be taken,” spokeswoman Sandra Michioku told the Chronicle.

Members of Pacifica’s board could not be reached for comment.

For full text, go to the San Francisco Chronicle.

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