Arts chief resigns – Nodal backed diversity

Adolfo Nodal has announced he will resign his post as general manager of the Cultural Affairs Department in Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Times reported on June 16.

The 50-year old Nodal, a Cuban immigrant raised in Miami, sparked a nationwide controversy in 1991 with his “Cultural Masterplan,” a 182-page document that encouraged social responsibility among artists and an equitable division of grants to various ethnic groups.

Despite controversy, his plan became a blueprint for city arts departments across the country in the last decade.

Nodal joined the department in 1987, right before culture wars over art and obscenity ignited and the Southern California economy fizzled. During his tenure, the Cultural Affairs Department budget has grown from $3.5 million to nearly $16 million.

For full text of the article, go to the Los Angeles Times.

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